Let's Fish!

An offer for you.

It is not easy to happen to catch right agency out of the vast number of advertising agencies. And it is just as difficult to pull orders aboard or reel in target customers. Isn’t that the case?

In order for a company to have a good catch at the end of the day, good advertising requires a better strategy. We are convinced that a better strategy is exactly what is needed

  • for a start-up, a small company, a family business, a small business, or a small corporation
  • for a specific advertising objective, a comprehensive campaign, or specific advertising material.

If you want to select an agency that is not just creative but who also understands your business and thinks strategically as a business savvy partner - and who are aware that your advertising budget is hard-earned money — then make a good catch with STR(AD)EGY. STR(ad)EGY, as a new, fresh, and agile agency, certainly cannot do better than other advertising agencies in all areas. But a small agency does do alot of things better ... but how?

With strategy, the power of ideas, and spirited entrepreneurship.

Let’s fish!