Andreas Kittel

Only the desire to understand really brings us on track.

Andreas Kittel

"If I'm working on developing a promotional strategy, understanding comes first. This means: "First understand, and then create!" And this does not mean that creativity comes in at second rank. On the contrary: by developing advertising with a holistic understanding, I help creativity have more impact and potency. What is the greatest idea ultimately worth if it does not sustainably benefit the brand, if it does not resonate with customers, or if it just simply is not sustainable or viable?

Advertising can be an end unto itself.

Myself, I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and learned early to think and act like an entrepreneur. The fascination for entrepreneurship has remained with me today, as have my curiosity, a pioneering spirit, and the joy for developing creative strategies.

I would love to get to know and understand your business, to introduce STR(AD)EGY to you personally.

I look forward to your email, your call, and to our first conversation.

Until then I wish you every success."

Sincerely Yours - Andreas Kittel BSC MBA
Managing Director and Owner:
STR(AD)EGY, Agency for Advertising Strategy