For corporate communications.

Big companies may not always need an equally big partner. Seeing on the same eye-level, from the same perspective, is really what’s needed.

In large companies, corporations, and holdings... the clocks tick differently, so they say. They go by their own rules and way of doing things, especially when it comes to communication. We respect big names, but do not hesitate to take on high-level communication objectives. On the one hand, agility and flexibility both in thought and action make us stand apart, two characteristics which corporations and large companies need. In addition, we have strong networking skills and can muster the strategic and creative forces very quickly which are necessary to support a large company in the field of communication.

Young, fresh and experienced. That’s who we are.
This sounds like a bold statement, but this is just what distinguishes our services in the sector of corporate communications. The agency founder and Managing Director of STR(AD)EGY brings valuable experience to the agency, and he has worked for a large local energy company for a long time in the area of marketing and sales. His experience with decision-making, group objectives, and high-level responsibility is coupled with renewed energy for the agency and he brings this mix into promotional strategies which are being developed. Not only do we take on comprehensive objectives across communications, but we also take on the design of individual advertising media such as magazine, staff publications, or newsletters.

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