The international meeting place

Welcome to Austria. Welcome, Bienvenue, Benvenuto, Welkom, Dobrodošli...

Are you a non-Austrian company from Europe or from any other part of the world? Are you planning a brand or product launch or a new branch in Austria? Then, STR(AD)EGY is a partner for you. Perhaps the smallest international agency in the world, we are small enough to be agile and fast so that we can focus entirely on you.

We have always been inspired by pioneers in Austria, and these pioneers have a special entrepreneurial spirit which makes them stand out. Visions and strategies for the future are also our driving forces.

Make your Austria strategy with us.
If a company wants to gain a foothold in the Austrian market, then it needs a partner in the communications sector who knows the local market like the back of the hand. A partner is needed who is still curious and hungry enough to engage innovative perspectives and look outside the box. We are not a big, giant agency: but doesn’t a smaller agency offer more vigorous determination and resourcefulness? And are these not characteristics and values which fit you and your plans? We believe they do.

Let us talk about it.
Please contact us and we will come to you by plane, car, or train for a consultation appointment...