Big things come in small packages.

We are not a giant-sized agency. Ever since David and Goliath we know that size is not always everything.

The same goes for how we build our team - there’s a strategy in place. More specifically, we build a STR(AD)EGY: while well-known agencies build on employee positions and do not hire-on freelancers, we rely on flexible advertising specialists and consulting experts.

The reason:

We are always confronted with the following phenomenon: many great people in all areas of advertising and communication become successfully self-employed. We are looking for exactly these people who are so good at what they do that they succeed as entrepreneurs. With targeted purposes, we bring expert freelancers on board for certain tasks in order to skillfully combine their expertise, their ideas, and talents.

Inzwischen verfügt die Agentur STR(AD)EGY über einen feinen Pool an Expertinnen und Spezialisten, die als Team im Team – flexibel, projektorientiert und unternehmerisch – agieren.

Assigned, flexible agency teams.
Your objectives and requirements determine the composition of our team for you. We guarantee that STR(AD)EGY will place your company with the top-team with entrepreneurial spirit, perfectly suited to your objective. We keep our corporate structure lean with this strategy, and we stay nimble and flexible. Benefits that you come back for and then stay for good. So, the circle is complete:

Big things come in small packages.