Agency for advertising strategies

Each idea is only as strong as the strategy it is based on.

STR(AD)EGY is a young agency, one of approximately 13,000 agencies in Austria; yet, we are different from other agencies in very important ways.

We believe that only those who understand can do business with accountability and create a strategy towards specific objectives. That’s how our work begins - to understand your company, your brand, your product or your product idea. This requires more than a briefing and meetings. This requires intensive examination, sincere interest, passion, time, and flexibility. Moreover, entrepreneurial thinking is required. At the end of the day, you will measure results by your success - and not how fun or entertaining our ideas are.

Agency for advertising strategies
Communication strategy, creativity, and entrepreneurship are what we offer you. Advertising as we understand it gives fresh strength to the spirit of your company, your brand, your products, or your services. We fortify and begin building where you are at with your product or business idea by developing your brand or your vision. We are well aware that not everything that you want to communicate needs a complete campaign. Together with you, we develop an advertising strategy that fits the task – your individual BRAND-STR(AD)EGY.

Nothing more, nothing less.