Our strategic headquarters is in Linz.

Yes, we are from the city of Linz in north-central Upper Austria. But as regional and provincial as that might sound, creativity knows no bounds.

Linz is the main headquarters of STR(AD)EGY. We have our offices here, where we create most of our ideas and from Linz we make the majority of our advertising strategies. We do most of our work here, and there are exceptions. We are also working for you while traveling in our cars, on the train, or on the plane to our customers and clients. Ideas and strategies also take shape outside the office, for example, in Munich, in Upper Austria, or in Lisbon.

Our core focus area is certainly Austria and German-speaking areas; and yet...

We are open to the world.
STR(AD)EGY means targeting the quality and impact of advertising to match the scale and size of your company’s infrastructure, and our central headquarters at the foot of the Linz Pöstlingberg Mountain is also just as big as it should be. When it comes to engaging the world, we think in much larger dimensions. We certainly look beyond national and international boundaries to invite customers to launch into the Austrian market.

What qualifications do we have to make this possible?

Networked thinking, flexibility and entrepreneurship - to name just a few.